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Outskirts of the Forbidden Forest | Jace, Allie, Open

Two hours, and an entire bottle of firewhiskey later, Jace and Allie were slightly beyond tipsy.

Originally they had intended on making their way to the Dungeons, as they had last year, to celebrate their Homecoming. Instead, the moonlight from the windows had been intoxicating, and they had quickly veered off into the night, wandering as far out of the grounds along the edges of the Forbidden Forest as they felt “safe.”

They had brought along a record player, which Jace had charmed to work even in the most remote places. The more drunk they got, the more they swayed dangerously to the music, tripping over tree roots from time to time and dissolving into giggles. Over and over they vowed to spend the entire year like this, laughing and enjoying themselves.

As Allie grabbed the bottle of firewhiskey out of his hand, just as he had raised it to his lips, she wondered about the probability of them getting caught if they did this enough. As a prefect, she should care.

She just couldn’t bring her self to.

"Spent the last year, rocky mountain way—"  she sang, leaning against her friend for support as she took another large gulp of the burning liquid. “God, Jace. Am I good or am I good?’

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